Twitter export cleaning and data conversion

This is another note to self, on how to clean performance data extracted from Twitter Analytics.Tweet ID

Due to the length of Twitter ID’s Excel turns the ID into scientific notation and so the ID is not exactly right.Luckily, that can be extracted from the Permanent Link using the following excel formula:

<code>(With the […]

Facebook data export date conversion

One of the things that I have to do regularly is export data from Facebook pages of Facebook posts.I import the data to Excel to clean it and analyse it.One of the frustrations with this is that some of the dates in the data source get formatted as US dates, and some of them […]

How many palindromic postcodes are there?

The map goddess @AngharadStone posed an interesting poser on Twitter last night.

@AngharadStone Good question. Do you mean the full postcode or just the first part? B, BB, DD, E, G, LL, M, N, NN, S, SS, W.

— BX Postcode Area (@BXpostcodearea) December 31, 2016

It seemed like an interesting problem, […]

What proportion of local people follow police accounts on Facebook?

This tweet caught my eye earlier this month:

@AccLeicsPolice @nickkeane @TrueBlueLine Better version with Scotland. CoLP is at over 800…

— Alex Ray (@AlexJTRay) December 3, 2016

For each of the police forces in the UK (ex BTP, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and City of London*) Alex has worked out the proportion […]

Diversity in police emoji….

Unicode (the standards body that decides what emoji are available) have released guidelines to address the lack of diversity in emoji. The ethnicity guidelines were released last year (and at the end of August the last major vendor – Google – implemented them). The gender guidelines are not yet ratified, but vendors are already starting […]

Twitter and Facebook could be just about to change crime reporting forever…

In the last week Twitter has quietly announced a little change that could should have an enormous impact on how the public contacts public sector organisations in the future. The rumours are that Facebook is heading in the same direction. […]

Telling stories with Emoji…📝💬📖😄

As they might have said in Zoolander… What with instagram revealing 56% of UK comments include at least one emoji, it being declared the fastest growing language EVER, journalists writing news articles in emoji and someone even translating a film into emoji.

My fave emoji fact of the last month is that Instagram won’t allow […]

You can’t search Twitter for tweets sent by Meerkat, and Periscope isn’t obvious either…

I’ve been trying to build a list of every Twitter search parameter (documented and undocumented) that I can find (coming soon!). As part of my research I have been looking at searching for tweets from the new generation of live streaming apps.

One of the little known ways of refining a twitter search is by […]

Using “Dark posts” on Twitter to message people privately

This is a technique I read about on a blog earlier in the year…but when I searched for it today I failed to find it. I have written it up for myself, but if anyone knows where I can find the original I’d love to link to it!

How can you contact someone privately through […]

Why did Christian_Aid send 44 almost identical tweets to 71K followers?

Earlier today @Christian_Aid tweeted every police force in the country to let them know that next week is Christian Aid week, and so there will be doorstep collections. I’m impressed that they are letting forces know…but the way they did it was not good Twitter etiquette.

It started with this tweet:

We’ll be […]