Now you can allow any Twitter user to DM you.

Twitter Direct Messages (DMs) have always been a bit of an anomaly. Twitter is fundamentally a public and asymmetric network – you can follow someone who doesn’t follow you back.

Direct messages work in the opposite direction to every other message in the network – you can only DM people who are following you. This […]

Big listening

I just listened in on a webinar on #BigListening from the US non-profit @Upwell ( They describe themselves as a PR agency for the sea, and are brilliant at spotting emerging topics of online discussion, and then amplifying the heck out of them to turn a tiny little thing, into a really big thing online. […]

Estimating past follower numbers on Twitter

Lets face it: no matter how much we protest that Twitter is not a numbers game, we can’t help comparing follower counts with other similar accounts. And we all get a little fizz of excitement when we pass a milestone in followers, or notice a spike in the number of people following us.

But if […]

2013 – a review of my year…

My boss wrote me a powerful message in her Christmas card to me this year: “be proud of what you’ve achieved this year”. December was a hard month for me, but that quote set me thinking. In the light of all the “reviews of the year” that are inevitable at this time of year, I […]

Snow (dum dum) Huh! (dum dum). Whaaat is it good for? – Absolutely nuffin*

*If Edwinn Starr had sung this lyric about SNOW instead of WAR he would have been wrong (he also wouldn’t have made such a valid political point…but I digress). Much as we moan about it snow can be an invaluable way to track down local social media users! […]

Broadcasting hidden messages to cameraphones using IR light

I recently came across an interesting feature of cameraphones, which I think is ripe for taking advantage of.

This is a picture of a TV remote taken with the camera on my smartphone. You will notice the purple flare from the infrared (IR) LED on the front of the remote, as I press the power […]

Talking to strangers…

A recurring theme today seems to be “talking to strangers”. It first came up during a discussion I had this morning with some colleagues, discussing the “North South divide” – and a comment along the lines of “if you talk to a stranger in London, people think you are weird. If you do it in […]

Braindump of Blue Light Camp

On Sunday I went to Blue Light Camp – the unconference for people working within the emergency services (Disclosure – I work for the Police at the moment).

I want to do a proper write-up of the whole event but, while I am thinking that through, there are some quicky things that I want to […]

Tonights journey home…

If you follow my twitter stream (or know me personally) you will know my journey home is a bit of a nightmare.

I catch a train from Guildford to Woking, then change for Weybridge where I watch my train pull out of the other side of the platform as the train I am on pulls […]

Marketing to cyclists

Two quick ideas for marketing to cyclists… […]