Electric Vehicles – why I think we need a battery standard

I have just written to my MP (who also happens to be the Minister for Transport) after I read the governments plans for an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure. While some have characterised the move away from “a chargepoint on every corner” as being a green U turn, I think the Government is missing a far bigger […]

10 thoughts about QR codes

It seems 2011 might be the year the QR code goes mainstream (though I read similar predictions for 2008, 2009 and 2010..) so here are my top 10 tips on using them (in no particular order). […]

New Transport Minister – but what does he stand for?

I, for one, cheered when Geoff Hoon resigned as Minister for Transport and was replaced by Lord Adonis earlier this month. Geoff was a car nut bought in (in my humble opinion) to rubber stamp Heathrow expansion, and then get out. Frankly, no forward thinking country should have someone like that in charge of transport. […]

It’s Walk to School Week (amongst other things)

If you want an event to hang your local sustainable transport promotion onto, there are plenty out there. But don’t be a slave to them. […]

Welcome to wobable.com!

Last Friday was my last day at Living Streets. Leaving was a bit bitter sweet – I have had some great times there, and have met and worked with loads of amazing people, but it was right for me to go at that time.

ANYWAY. I take a lot of pride in everything I have […]