Wobable: Now with added Walk to School 2.0!

Read my original “walk to school 2.0 blog”… […]

Walk to School Conference DVD

You wait ages for a post, and then three come along at once…The DVDs and CD-ROM from the Walk to School conference finally arrived on my desk this morning – it has taken far longer than I expected, but they are done now!

I hope to get them out early next week – I need […]


I bought a copy of the Mirror today. Not a paper I usually buy, but there was an article about walking to school in it – which I had written the press release for.

My eye was drawn, however, by the story about lollypop people being armed with video cameras hidden in their lollypops as […]

The Department for Transport School Travel Statistics

Every year the Department for Transport (bless ’em) run the National Travel Survey. Until recently, this was the best source of data on how children travel to school (there is now a question in the school census).

There are good points and bad points to the methodology for both (both could be improved), but statistically […]

boy, 16, builds bicycle entirely out of wood


I came across this while I was looking for examples of “pimped” bicycle trailers. I guess it is the ultimate in sustainable transport!

This 16 year old built an entire bicycle out of wood – including a wooden chain, and a ratchet system so he can go downhill without having to pedal. […]

Richmond charge parents for driving 4x4s

I haven’t posted for a while as I have been off sick, and then have had LOADS of conference type things to go to. Sorry.

I just wanted to comment briefly on Richmond councils plans to charge parents for parking outside the school.

It strikes me as a brilliant idea, and is something I would […]

Social Networking for Charities: MyActionAid.com

Last week I went to a peer sharing event organised by oneworld about social networking. The session started with a chat about MyActionaid.org.uk.

Myactionaid is a social network for people raising money for the charity ActionAid.It allows each fund raiser to blog about their exploits, and add photos etc onto their profile. Supporters can comment, […]

Dismantling a Pedometer

Last night I decided to dismantle a pedometer.

As you would imagine for a charity promoting walking, we have a lot of pedometers knocking about the place, and I was intrigued how they actually work – and particularly if I could make my own (and then maybe turn it into a lesson plan…)

Online I […]

What actually am I doing for Secondary Schools?

If you have actually spoke with me recently you will know that my vision for the Walk to Secondary School Campaign is centred around a whizzy website. I am currently developing the brief for this, and have been talking with school travel advisors, schools and website designers to get an idea of how it could […]

The woman who stops traffic – episode three

I watched the last episode of this channel 4 mini series last night.

Kristen was trying to deal with the people of Durham, where they have a great park and ride, a great cycle network, local amenities and no-one used it. They were still addicted to the car.

Editorially it was more of the same, […]