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Reserving multiple usernames on social media sites

On more than one occasion in my career I’ve had to set up multiple accounts/pages on a social media site. At the Walk to School campaign it was Tumblr blogs for different schools to record their sustainable travel activities. More recently it was a series of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for local teams.

I guess this is a fairly frequent occurrence – a campaign or organisation with accounts for each of their local teams, and a separate account for the entire organisation:
E.g. Wobable_London, Wobable_Derby and Wobable_Guildford and Wobable

The other variation I have seen of this is where different accounts have different purposes:
E.g Wobable_Jobs, Wobable_Travel, Wobable_News and Wobable_Events.

Having done this a number of times, and picked up quite a few tips along the way, this blog (my first multipager!) is an attempt to share them.

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