Add some (but not all) of your tweets to your website…

Ever wondered why you ocasionally see people add #Yam, #In or #FB to the end of their tweets? The reason is that they have set up their other social networks to post tweets as their status updates on Yammer, LinkedIn and Facebook (click each of those network names for a way to do it).

If you are lazy, or have lots of friends who are still to discover Twitter, this can be a useful shortcut to having to update multiple accounts (though I dislike the use of Hashtags on non-twitter networks on principle!).

ANYWAY. A friend of mine asked if she could have the same effect on her website. What she wanted to do was use an appropriate hashtag and the tweets would appear on her website. Any tweets that didn’t have the hashtag (conversations for instance) wouldn’t appear on the website.

It’s surprisingly easy to do, and I am surprised I have not seen it done more often…

Twitter widgets are your friend

Twitter has a whole series of widgets that you can make use of on your website here:

The obvious one to show off your tweets on your website is the profile widget – but that shows every tweet you make (including the banal ones!). Instead we are going to play with the search widget. It is fairly easy to customise, so here is my first attempt – this is searching for the term “#wob” (short for



The problem is that this shows any tweet that mentions “#wob” – not just my own. My friend was trying to get around this with a long (and mildly obscure hashtag) that no-one else would be likely to use. The downside of that approach is that it is obvious to anyone visiting the website what you are trying to do – so you are leaving yourself open to people hijacking the tweetstream on the site with negative messages about your brand. What we need is a better search term. We need to only display tweets from @Wobable that mention “#wob”. Luckily there is an awesome help file on Twitter about advanced search terms. In this case the search term we need is: from:wobable #wob:



So there we have it. Enjoy it, keep the hashtag short – #web seems like a suitable tag – and make sure you include the “from:”.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful!

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