Wobable: Now with added Walk to School 2.0!

The blog was looking really rather sparse – having not being updated for over a year (and that’s never good!).

To fill it out a bit (and make me feel better about a major lack of content!) I have just imported my first foray into blogging: The Walk to School 2.0 blog into this blog. That said, why read it on blogger when you can read all those posts on this blog!

Think of it as a series of guest posts by a much younger me! The downside is that much of the content is very old (and there may be some linkrot) – but there are still some interesting things there!

One day I will try and recount the story of how I wanted the Step Up campaign to be one of the first “open source” and “creative commons” campaigns. The blog was the first part of this plan, to position me as a “thought leader” and get school travel advisors (and schoolkids) around the country to work together on a single secondary school campaign.

Unfortunately my boss at the time had a rather old fashioned attitude to copyright (the irony that she now works for the Performing Rights Society is not lost on me!).

Anyway, she didn’t feel the blog was working, so I stopped it.

At this point I would like to acknowledge the charity Living Streets, who I was working for when I wrote those first blog posts.

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