Why Wobable?

My blog was originally dedicated to encouraging more walking and biking.

The “Wob” comes from “Walk or Bike”. The “able” because anyone is able to build more walking and biking into their life (oh and there was a bit of inspiration from my then favourite web technology blog: mashable).

I set up this blog when I left Living Streets where I spent 3 years running the walk to school campaign, WOW (walk once a week/walk on Wednesday) campaign and (now defunct) step up (teen walk to school) campaign.

Although I left for family reasons, I still had a huge interest in promoting sustainable transport. I also felt I had a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and ideas – so this blog is the place where I was going to share that.

That said, my new job (communications officer with the police) also interested me – much of it being about encouraging behaviour change, campaigning and engaging the public in things that they don’t care about but really really should!

So this blog will be about communications stuff and campaigns stuff that interest me. Much of it will be walking and cycling related, but some of it won’t – just indulge me – OK?