Nerf hire

I have a set of 22 Nerf that can you can hire for your event. I’m going to create a proper website for this, but until then, here is some details!

What is available?

  • Eleven Nerf Strongarms (the blue ones)
  • Eleven Nerf Mavericks (the yellow ones). The green one in the picture is also a Maverick.
  • Twenty four pairs of yellow safety goggles (these look like wrap-around glasses).
  • Ten pairs of clear rubber safety goggles (for wearing over the top of prescription spectacles).
  • Purple foam darts (I have about 900 of these!)

I also have some road barriers that can be used to hide behind, but you may also want to get some large boxes to create a box fort.

There is a safety video you can use to brief players (when I used this at a school barbecue we just had this playing on a loop).