New Transport Minister – but what does he stand for?

I, for one, cheered when Geoff Hoon resigned as Minister for Transport and was replaced by Lord Adonis earlier this month. Geoff was a car nut bought in (in my humble opinion) to rubber stamp Heathrow expansion, and then get out. Frankly, no forward thinking country should have someone like that in charge of transport. […]

2 Minute Inspiration: The invisible car!

Art Student Sara Watson painted a Skoda Fabia so that it blended into its parking space

For anyone promoting walking and cycling, there are times when we wish that cars would just disappear. The Daily Express did an April Fools on this earlier this year, but my favourite disappearing car at […]

Five good reasons why Walk to School week should be earlier in the year…

Walk to School week is traditionally the penultimate full week in May. I am a big fan of Walk to School week (I used to run it) but the timing has always bothered me. Here are five good reasons why it should be earlier in the year.


It’s Walk to School Week (amongst other things)

If you want an event to hang your local sustainable transport promotion onto, there are plenty out there. But don’t be a slave to them. […]

Welcome to!

Last Friday was my last day at Living Streets. Leaving was a bit bitter sweet – I have had some great times there, and have met and worked with loads of amazing people, but it was right for me to go at that time.

ANYWAY. I take a lot of pride in everything I have […]

Walk to School Conference DVD

You wait ages for a post, and then three come along at once…The DVDs and CD-ROM from the Walk to School conference finally arrived on my desk this morning – it has taken far longer than I expected, but they are done now!

I hope to get them out early next week – I need […]


I bought a copy of the Mirror today. Not a paper I usually buy, but there was an article about walking to school in it – which I had written the press release for.

My eye was drawn, however, by the story about lollypop people being armed with video cameras hidden in their lollypops as […]

The Department for Transport School Travel Statistics

Every year the Department for Transport (bless ’em) run the National Travel Survey. Until recently, this was the best source of data on how children travel to school (there is now a question in the school census).

There are good points and bad points to the methodology for both (both could be improved), but statistically […]

boy, 16, builds bicycle entirely out of wood

I came across this while I was looking for examples of “pimped” bicycle trailers. I guess it is the ultimate in sustainable transport!

This 16 year old built an entire bicycle out of wood – including a wooden chain, and a ratchet system so he can go downhill without having to pedal. […]

Richmond charge parents for driving 4x4s

I haven’t posted for a while as I have been off sick, and then have had LOADS of conference type things to go to. Sorry.

I just wanted to comment briefly on Richmond councils plans to charge parents for parking outside the school.

It strikes me as a brilliant idea, and is something I would […]