Reserving multiple usernames on social media sites

A screengrab of the spreadsheet, with scribbles on it to illustrate how it works

On more than one occasion I’ve had to set up multiple social media accounts. This is a list of hints and tips that I have collected along the way – including my Excel Username Checker – which quickly checks which Twitter and Facebook usernames are available. […]

Facebook Tips: Updating by email, and turn off auto-replies

You may be aware that you can update your personal Facebook profile by email. Log in to Facebook, then visit and you can find your own personal “update Facebook” email address. Anything sent to that email address (from any account) will be posted on your wall – you can even add pictures to the […]

Social Networking for Charities:

Last week I went to a peer sharing event organised by oneworld about social networking. The session started with a chat about

Myactionaid is a social network for people raising money for the charity ActionAid.It allows each fund raiser to blog about their exploits, and add photos etc onto their profile. Supporters can comment, […]