Creating a Photomosaic of Twitter followers

One of the Twitter accounts I manage professionally recently passed the 30,000 followers mark. This was a big milestone for us, and we wanted to mark it with something special. Here’s how I did it! […]

Creating random (fake) placenames

When I saw this tweet asking for help creating fake placenames:

I need your help. I need fake town, city and county names please. Caveat: they must be realistic sounding and not offensive. Thanks!

— Christine Townsend (@ceetownsend) August 7, 2013


My inner Stinson couldn’t resist…

Pick a word from the Prefix Column, and […]

Is there a flaw with Twitter two step verification?

Earlier this week Twitter announced its much awaited two-step verification process (see Mashable for more).

I am worried I might have spotted a fatal flaw in the process that makes hacking a twitter account EASIER if you enable two step verification.

Twitter have been obviously inspired by Google’s two step verification process, making use of […]