Shouldn’t pavements be gritted instead of roads??

The recent icy weather has reopened the debate about whether pavements should be gritted as well as roads. Living Streets (and others) argue it is the job of the council, while suggests a more bottom up approach: “local grit monitors”. In this vein I particularly liked Adrian Short‘s google mash up of grit bins […]

Five good reasons why Walk to School week should be earlier in the year…

Walk to School week is traditionally the penultimate full week in May. I am a big fan of Walk to School week (I used to run it) but the timing has always bothered me. Here are five good reasons why it should be earlier in the year.


It’s Walk to School Week (amongst other things)

If you want an event to hang your local sustainable transport promotion onto, there are plenty out there. But don’t be a slave to them. […]