Introducing my Twitter User Biography Downloader Excel Spreadsheet Thingymajig

Details (and link) about an Excel spreadsheet I developed to download Twitter user biographies, and up to 1200 tweets for any (unprotected) user. […]

Braindump of Blue Light Camp

On Sunday I went to Blue Light Camp – the unconference for people working within the emergency services (Disclosure – I work for the Police at the moment).

I want to do a proper write-up of the whole event but, while I am thinking that through, there are some quicky things that I want to […]

Add some (but not all) of your tweets to your website…

Ever wondered why you ocasionally see people add #Yam, #In or #FB to the end of their tweets? The reason is that they have set up their other social networks to post tweets as their status updates on Yammer, LinkedIn and Facebook (click each of those network names for a way to do it).

If […]

How to add a Countdown to your Twitter Profile Photo

“Wouldn’t it be cool to run a Twitter countdown to the Olympics? We could change the profile image each day to show how many days there are left!!”

That was my challenge. It took me a little while to work out, but I found a very elegant solution – which I hope will help you […]

Tweeting straight from a QR code – CAN IT BE DONE??

There are some intriguing possibilities when you mix Twitter Web Intents with QR Codes. As no-one seems to have thought of this before, here I explain how it could work, and some suggested uses. […]

Reserving multiple usernames on social media sites

A screengrab of the spreadsheet, with scribbles on it to illustrate how it works

On more than one occasion I’ve had to set up multiple social media accounts. This is a list of hints and tips that I have collected along the way – including my Excel Username Checker – which quickly checks which Twitter and Facebook usernames are available. […]

How do I hate…let me count the ways

Has twitter jumped the shark with the roll out of Shark Image CC from

Twitter recently rolled out their own url shortener Any link over 13 characters gets shortened (or if it is between 13 and 16 characters lengthened!) using a domain. Their eventual aim is to shorten every […]