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A space for me to link to the stuff I have done that I am proud of…
In the future I will probably split these up a bit, but for the moment, these are tweets that I crafted and sent myself.

30 July 2012

The day after Lizzie Armitstead wins silver in the Womens Olympic Road Race, I put out the following tweet through the Surrey Police twitter account:

Click the date for the most up to date RT count, but at time of writing it was 669!

26 November 2012

This was a horrible day on the roads – I was driving down the A3, it was pelting it down with rain and very difficult to see where I was going – even with wipers on full pelt!

When I got to work I sent this, then went off to a morning meeting. When I checked again at lunchtime I was presently surprised with how far it had gone!


This one was aided by a RT from @RufusHound.

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