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Last Friday was my last day at Living Streets. Leaving was a bit bitter sweet – I have had some great times there, and have met and worked with loads of amazing people, but it was right for me to go at that time.

ANYWAY. I take a lot of pride in everything I have achieved over the past two and a half years as the figurehead for the National Walk to School Campaign, and one of the people who developed the Step Up project for secondary school students.

During my time on the campaign I was struck by how many brilliant things were happening to promote walking and cycling as forms of transport, but how difficult it was for people on the ground to find out about them. This blog is my attempt to give something back – to share news, advice and ideas for anyone interested in getting more people out on foot or out on their bikes.

The long term plan is to “keep my hand in” while I look for another job promoting sustainable transport, but if you find it useful in the meantime – that’s good enough for me!

Why Wobable?

“WoB” stands for Walk or Bike. It comes from the start of the campaign phrase “Wobbot” (walk or bike, bus or train) developed by a school in Durham (I think – I will update if I can remember any more!).

“Able” is because everyone should be able to add more walking and cycling into their daily journeys, and because “able” crops up in the names of my two favourite blogs: mashable (about the internet) and instructables (making cool stuff).

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